Worship Drummer PRO

As an extension of worshipdrummer.com, our PRO platform will be used to equip local church drummers, all over the world, with online courses, exclusive video content, and unique experiences.



Mastering Modern Worship Drumming

This course will teach you how to use Ableton and the Roland SPD-SX for Midi Control, External Triggering, and Sample Creation.


"I've been using Logic and MainStage with the SPD-SX for a while but really been wanting to learn about Ableton, so this is perfect."

Lancaster, PA (USA)

"I am very excited to see this site continue its growth and anxious to learn more from all the videos. Thank you for all the hard work and time in putting this all together. God bless you and all the staff!"

West Virginia, USA

Q&A with Outcry Tour Drummers

Have you ever wanted to ask your favourite worship drummer some questions? In this interview with the drummers from the Outcry Tour, we get to hear Garrett Tyler, Joe Volk, Josh Fisher, and Dan McMurray take turns answering your questions!


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