How to Access The Worship Drummer PRO Video Library For FREE!

video library Nov 14, 2017

Hello and welcome to the PRO Blog. So many of you have already purchased Mastering Modern Worship Drumming but haven't even clued in to the fact that when you buy the course, you get access for FREE to our exclusive video library featuring your fav worship drummers. 

The video at the top gives you an idea of what you get from our BONUS collection, and it is available only to those who buy the course. Here's are some videos that are already in our growing video library:

  • Overcome - Luke Anderson (Elevation Worship)
  • Q&A with drummers from the Outcry Tour (30 mins)
  • Backstage Interview with Joe Volk (10 mins)
  • This Is Amazing Grace - Joe Volk (Bethel Music)
  • To Our God - Joe Volk (Bethel Music)
  • There's No Other Name - Joe Volk (Bethel Music)
  • Reckless Love - Joe Volk (Bethel Music)
  • And more to come!

We said we wanted to equip you like never before, and now we are doing it!


Our brand new course will teach you how to use Ableton Live and the Roland SPD-SX for MIDI Control, External Triggering, and Sample Creation.


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