The WD Green Room with Jon Manna

What is up, worship drummer fam! It's Jon Manna and thanks for checking out the WD Green Room.

Given the nature of the Worship Drummer platform and the friends I've made along the way, I get many opportunities to be backstage and in green rooms. It's in those environments that I've experienced some of the most meaningful conversations - and sometimes they have nothing to do with music. Those moments leave me wishing that the whole WD fam could share in the experience. 

After hosting my first online workshop with Will Doggett at the end of November 2018,  it got me thinking: What if we could recreate the Green Room experience, online? So here we are giving it a go!

How Will It Work?

Monthly Subscription

To create a more streamlined experience and to avoid repeated sign ups every time we go live, you will need to register on a recurring monthly basis. Think of it as a monthly subscription/membership site.

Our introductory price for January 2019 is $7 USD/month. Registering at $7 USD means that you lock in this price for all future months as well. There is no commitment and you can cancel anytime you want. 

Think of it this way... for the price of 2 decent coffees/month you can enjoy a night with your fellow WD fam and let iron sharpen iron and learn and grow for our featured guests.

What Can I Expect in the WD Green Room? 

Monthly Hangs

Once a month I will host The WD Green Room online hangout. Everyone who is registered will receive the link and password for the online hangout. Each hangout will feature a guest worship drummer and you will get the opportunity to ask them your questions. 

All online hangouts will be available for viewing in the WD Green Room archives for as long as you remain a member.

Bonus Content

From time to time I will be adding bonus content ranging from online training videos, to backstage stuff (i.e. pics and videos, etc). 

Member Discount

Lastly, members of the WD Green Room get an exclusive 20% off our online course, Mastering Modern Worship Drumming.

The WD Green Room falls under my mission to EQUIP you like never before and I hope that you will take advantage a pretty cool and unique opportunity.



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